What is the URL of your website?

Do you have a homeschool or family related site?

What about a small business site?

Do Share...

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Hi Schoolhouse Families! My site is www.EvonneMandella.com

I make promotional videos for home businesses, authors, magazines, and more for $50 each!

Come and visit or please share with a friend who needs a video! Come visit and watch cool videos!

And what great work you do too! Public thank you for your work on the promo video for our Ultimate Wellness program.

I am glad it worked out!

Sure do...

www.jeffklick.com  - blog, books, sermons, book reviews, etc. 

www.hopefamilyfellowship.org - great church I am blessed to pastor

Blessings All, 


Oh, I guess I should share my own, www.basicallythedeal.com

My website is all about hands-on learning through unit studies and creative writing: http://susanevans.org/

I blog about our families journey in discipleship at adventuresindiscipleship.blogspot.com. Though I haven't for a few months. Our life has been crazy busy!

I have both a blog about our life in general, including our homeschooling journey, and about the things that I make when I get creative.  :)  You can find both of them at my main website, wgcreates.com

I see you all do fencing- are the swords or foils expensive? I dreamed of using a dvd and having a co-op class!

They can be expensive.  But it's a one time expense.  My daughter Sarah is the one starting fencing.  We'll be ordering her outfit, sword, and electronics next week.  But thankfully the place that she is joining has lots of used equipment she has been using and can continue to use until she gets her own stuff.

Sounds like fun and hard work!

I just relaunched my website www.WriteBonnieRose.com. Free history printables with lots more on the way!


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