I've been trying to sort out this whole homeschoolblogger issue. I backed-up the file the way the site told us to, but I can't find it anywhere, and I obviously can't get to the blog anymore. I've literally lost 2 1/2 years of blog posts that tell the story of my children growing up. They're extremely important to me. It seems like there must be a way for me to get to them and to transfer them. I wish we had been given more time to accomplish this. I had two weeks from the day I got the email, and I am frustrated. Can someone please help?

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I am sorry you had issues with the changeover.  If you created the export file, then it would be on your computer.  I would search your computer for something that has your old username in it and the word wordpress, similar to this joann039sjourney.wordpress.2013-03-26 .  Once you find that file, you can use it to import into wordpress.com.  After that, you can bring them over here individually.

I hope that helps.  :)

I have done everything I can to locate it. My husband is going to take a look at it. It seems unreal to me that it can't be located anywhere even by someone who is in the know where technology is concerned. Those years of blogging are irreplaceable, especially after losing both my parents in December. I'll never get those stories back. I guess this is one of those things that I don't really understand the reasons behind destroying the blogs to begin with. These kinds of decisions disappoint me.

You can find your blog at www.web DOT archive DOT org

My email notice from homeschoolblogger happened to go into my spam box, so I didn't see it until yesterday.  I was so upset and saddened that I had lost my blog, but thanks to my hubby he remembered this site and you should be able to copy and paste this all into your new blog.  Comments will be lost, but at least you have your posts! 

I hope this helps you!

Thank you! It doesn't look like I can get to all my posts, but I can see some snapshots. I'll look at it more later. I have never heard of this site!

Thank you for your help. I have retrieved very little of our four (Dad, mom, son, daughter) blog post, but that helps some. If anyone knows any other way to get our blog post or pictures back, please let us know on this forum. Have a blessed day, Elton

Thank you for this post..I was really late to notice this change. I had backed up things back in 2008, but I was able to find a few more years this way. I don't remember ever getting any notice about this at all. I just went to write a blog post and it was gone! Don't think I will invest in a new blog here.

I am not able to find my blog on the archive site.  I've entered every search combination imaginable.  I can get to the main homeschool blogger site...but not to my individual blog.  Please advise as I did not receive the announcement that the blog was being shut down and just happened on it today when trying to access my blog.

I'm another one who didn't see the emails, seven years of blogging nearly lost.  Am a little sick about the fact that I missed the update as I was on the site not long before the change appears to have happened and saw nothing about it.  Lesson learned.  I've got a 2007 backup from before the change to wordpress, and my last couple of years haven't been as active, but it still hurts.  I fear I didn't make copies of some of my last poems entered on the site.  

Did you try looking it up on the link I shared above?  It might be there and then you can copy and paste it into a new blog...  All comments are lost, but I have my posts. 

Yes, I tried that.  I can get to the main homeschool blogger site...but not to my personal blog.

Any other suggestions?  I feel sick if I've lost everything.

Tried that...Takes me through most of 2009...anything after that is pretty much gone.  :(

I'm sorry....

I've been busy coping and pasting my posts, not all my pics are there, but hopefully I can remember what ones I used.


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