Where are you? What are some things that make your education experience unique in your area?

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Iowa since 2005. Ohio before that.

Idaho for 10  years.  One of the things we love in this state is the freedom we have to homeschool.  It's one of the easiest state to homeschool in.

Florida here

We live in Washington, and I love the nature areas and trails.

My family lives in KY.  One thing that differs about homeschooling here than in other states is that we are required to have 6 hours of instruction during school days.  We know for a fact that the public schools cannot possibly do this with all the roll calls, passing papers, changing classes, organized bath room breaks....  We can usually finish our subjects/classes in 3 -4 hours.  That leaves us plenty of time to have what I call "Free Ed".  The kids can pick absolutely anything they want to do as long as somehow it could be considered educational.  Sometimes it's extra reading, a nature show on TV, arts and crafts, PE...  


PA since 2010. Going to have to register with the local school district next August and start getting evaluations done every year and fill out the mandate affidavits and submit a portfolio for each student. Oh what fun to look forward to. Maybe a move to a less restrictive state will be in our future?

Yes you should move here;)

I'm in PA, too, and believe me, I know what you're talking about. This year I have 4 children registered with the district, and the daily logs take me over an hour every night! Oh, to live in a more lenient state!

Were in MO. We lived in CA for years. MO is a very friendly homeschooling state. Love it here!

I'm in North Carolina.  Moved here not too long ago from Ohio. 

I'm in PA, and there's far too much we have to do with the school district. Between affidavits, objectives, daily logs, portfolios, and standardized tests, I'm drowning in regulations. Four out of my seven kids who are officially homeschooling are at the age that I am required to do all this. The daily logs take over an hour every night and the required evaluations will cost me around $150. It doesn't sound like much, but when you've got one income supporting 12 people, it's hard. I dream of moving to a more homeschool friendly state.


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