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Started by Shelia Dutcher. Last reply by Evonne Mandella Feb 6. 5 Replies

Ok, so since Purim is over a weekend when I can teach Jr. Church I wanted to have a little Purim party. I'll be ordering hamantash from a local Jewish bakery and getting noise makers from the local…Continue

Tags: festival, holiday, purim

Tu B'Shevat

Started by Shelia Dutcher. Last reply by Evonne Mandella Jan 4. 6 Replies

What can you tell me about Tu B'Shevat? From what I can tell its not a mandated feast but has its roots in Levitical law. Does anyone celebrate this minor holiday? If so how?Continue

Tags: year, new, holiday

Web Based Interactive Torah Portions

Started by Evonne Mandella Nov 1, 2013. 0 Replies

I have up on our site an Interactive Torah Portion Study.Visit our site if you like:…Continue

Rosh Hashana

Started by Shelia Dutcher. Last reply by Shelia Dutcher Aug 25, 2013. 14 Replies

Planning Bible studies for the upcoming school year. I want to focus on Jewish holidays this year. We start school the week of 09/02 and I'd like to kick our new year off with a New Year celebration.…Continue

Tags: Holidays, Jewish, Hashana, Rosh

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Comment by Evonne Mandella 2 hours ago

40) shah-ahl (sounds a little like shall)

he asked

The boy was always very proper. When he went out to play, he asked his friends, "Shall we play?"

41) shoov (sounds a little like shove)


The naughty boy tried to shove the candy machine until it returned his money he gave it.

42) beh-tehn (sounds a little like button)


The boy ate so much he had to open the button over his belly. He should have skipped the last twelve pies he ate!

43) chah-taht (sounds like hot tot, said from the back of the throat)


The little boy committed a sin by trying to steal his mommy's cookie from the oven top. He touched the hot oven top, and yelled out, "Ouch! I am a hot tot!

44) nah-sah (sounds like NASA)

he lifted

The man in NASA was in the controls. He lifted his finger from the button and the rocket took off! Vroom!

45) sah-tahr (sounds like star)

he concealed, he hid

The Movie star was in sunglasses and a disguise. He hid from his adoring fans. Barney the Dinosaur always attracted the crowd.

46) gah-dahl (sounds a little like good doll)

he was great

The old doll was put in the sale bin. He used to be a good doll, but now he is old fashioned, and no one would buy him. Just then, a little girl came in and said, "I want to buy this good doll, she thought he was great!"

47) chah-shahv (sounds a little like he shove, from the back of the throat)

he thought

He shove the facts into his brain as fast as could. He thought the faster he shoved in the facts, the smarter he would be! He will be a genius soon!

48) kah-vahr (sounds like cover)

He was honored

The actor was surprised he was honored when the crowd covered him with roses!

Three cheers for the best actor in town!

49) rah-dahf (sounds a little like Rudolph)


For some reason the boy named Rudolph would always get teased about having a red nose. He never knew why?!

50) seeym (sounds like seem)


The pirate crew followed the treasure map and saw a giant X.

They looked at each other and said, "this seem to the place, arrr!"

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Comment by Evonne Mandella 2 hours ago

Okay, I am stopping at 50 memory tricks~ enjoy!

21) Eh-vehn (sound like Evan)


There is a guy named Evan who always throws stones at you. That Evan!

22) dohr (sounds like door)


Walk through the time travel door to meet another generation, another time!

Your parents are little kids! They are sooo cute!

23) Mee (sounds like me)


The owl made a hoo sound at night? You said, "Who is that?" He answered, "It is me! Who do you think it is!"

24) eh-meht (sounds like Emmitt)


A man names Emmitt always tells the truth, or his nose grroowwss!

25) dahm (sounds like Dom)


Dom (short for Dominic) is your brother and he has the same bloodline as you! That explains why you are so much alike!

26) soos (sounds like Suess)


Dr. Suess wrote a new bestselling sequel to "Cat in the Hat." It is called "Horse in the Hat!"

27) ayt (sounds like ate)


Someone asked the county boy "What time is it?" The boy answered rubbing his hungry tummy, "It is about time to ate!"

28) oh


You were on a game show. You had to choose between door number one or number two.

You chose the first door, and won "a thousands pert frogs that jumped all over you." You yelled "Oh!"

29) oht (sounds like oat)


Your horse is so smart, he can read the sign that says "oat" and know where to eat his breakfast.

30) dah-at (sounds like dot)


In your college every time you gained more knowledge your professor put a dot on the board.

Sometimes if you learned a whole lot he put a smiley face in the dot. You must be extra smart!

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Comment by Evonne Mandella 4 hours ago

Here are the next ten Hebrew words with memory tricks!

Try it out!

11) meen


Aliens land and are mean. You ask them why they are so mean. They say "we are from the planet Mean!" That explains it!

12) ahd (sounds like odd)


People thought you were odd until you had your third head they think they you are just a little odd. Just wait until you get your third eye removed!

13) yohm (sounds a little like yum)


On one day a year you can eat all the brussel sprouts you want on Brussel Sprouts Days- Yum!

14) Loh (sounds like low)


You are playing limbo and are asked if you can go low under the the bar, but you fall over, and yell "no!"

15) lahy-lah (sounds like Lila)


You are have an invisible friend named Lila that only comes out at night! Spooky!

16) aytz (sounds like ates)


Your mother asked if you ate the broccoli, and you answer, "I don't know about them broccoli, but I sure ates those trees on my plate!"

17) kee (sounds like key)


"Why are you standing outside," you are asked? You say, "because I lost my key." Boo-hoo

18) kayn (sounds like cane)


The mother loves you so she lets you eat candy canes everyday. Your dentist does not think this such a good idea!

19) Chahy (sounds hi, say from the back of the throat)


The dead man woke up and surprised you by yelling. "Hi, I am living!" You screamed and ran out of the room!

20) rah


Your team's cheerleaders were very bad because they would always cheer, "Rah! Rah! Go Team!" every time the opposing team scored a point!

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Comment by Evonne Mandella 4 hours ago

Shalom! You all know I think aloud...

I am trying to get my 100 words in 100 minutes workshop written.

I have my first ten Hebrew words with memory tricks here:




man keeps coming to the door to sell you something, you say "eesh, you again!"

2) aym


the mother aims a water gun at you

3) shaym


your name is a shame, it is something really embarrassing

4) ahm


when you get up in front a group of people you get you nervous all you can say is, "ahm, ahm, ahm."

5) kohl


you went on a show for a voice contest and all you won was a piece of coal

6) bayit (sounds like bite)


Pretend you live in a gingerbread house, and everyday you take a bite out of it!

7) b'reet (sounds like Brit)


You made a covenant with a Brit to trade all our coffee from some of their yummy tea from now on.

8) gahn


In Gone with the wind, all the food from Scarlett's garden was gone. Poor Scarlett!

9) hahr (sounds similar to hair)


to claim up a mountain you don't use a rope, you climb up your friend's hair (ouch!)

10) mah-yim (sounds like mime)


A mime is pretending to drink water, and he spills it all over himself. Silly mime!

Hope to post them as I write them today. Have to get to 100! It would be fun to explain these to you in person:)

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Comment by Evonne Mandella 22 hours ago
Thank you though!
Comment by Admin - Paul 23 hours ago
Man. We can't make this. :(

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Comment by Evonne Mandella 23 hours ago
If you feel led please share this with a friend!

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Comment by Evonne Mandella yesterday

Can you guys join me on the call! You can either listen, put your phone on speakers, and get some laundry or typing done:)

Or, you can share your story about starting to minister in a Messianic way, or ask questions.  Please come if you can~ thanks! Evonne

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Comment by Evonne Mandella on Friday

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Comment by Evonne Mandella on Friday


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