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  • Our Journey In Homeschool!

    13 members Latest Activity: Aug 20

    Welcome fellow Homeschool lovers! Join us on a homeschooling journey!

    We will share the fun things we learn in our adventures each…

  • Schoolhouse Teachers!

    16 members Latest Activity: Dec 17, 2013

    Calling All Schoolhouse Teachers Fans! Are you a teacher or student using the awesome teacher site of Schoolhouse Teachers?

    Do you travel…

  • Let's Chat!

    18 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2013

    Do you need a friend? Someone to share a funny family experience... someone to hear why you just cried... someone to cheer you up ...someone to…

  • Roadschooling - Families Homeschooling on the Road

    6 members Latest Activity: Aug 19

    Families who are providing education to one or more children while traveling on the road full-time, part-time, and/or extended road trips

  • Schoolhouse Expo Fans!

    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 17

    • The Schoolhouse Expo is very similar to an exciting and fun homeschool convention, only it’s totally online! No need to drive, get a motel…

  • Graphic Design Fellowship!

    12 members Latest Activity: Aug 1

    Are you a graphic design enthusiast or professional? Would you like to learn? Come share your creations with friends! Enjoy tips and tricks! Meet…

  • Oklahoma Homeschoolers

    7 members Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2013

    This group is for Oklahoma homeschool families to connect on this site! 

  • Special Needs Homeschooling!

    18 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2013

    Late reader? Child that can't get division? Mom has CFS or lupus? Homeschooling with a special learning problem, acclerated learner, or medical…

  • Work at Home Moms

    19 members Latest Activity: Apr 14

    Many moms have found they can homeschool their children while also earning an income by working at home.  This group is created to be a source of…

  • Sharing Resources

    15 members Latest Activity: Mar 19

    Sharing files, downloads, and websites for homeschooling. To help other homeschool familes who need help with curriculum resources.

  • Homeschool Q&A

    15 members Latest Activity: Dec 28, 2013

    This is a group for anyone who has a question about homeschooling. If I can't answer it, perhaps someone else on the group can. No question is too…

  • Creative Expression

    19 members Latest Activity: Feb 17

    This group is for those who love to create! Any medium is fine! Paint, Songs, Draw, Make Jewelry, Sew, Floral arrangements, Mixed Media, Soaps,…

  • Writer's Group

    26 members Latest Activity: Jun 20

    Do you write: blog, articles, anthologies, poems, or manuscripts? I would love this to be a group that writers could share, ask for help even grow…

  • Great Books - Love 2 Read

    9 members Latest Activity: Aug 14, 2013

    This group is for people who love to read! We can talk about anything related to the topic of books. We can discuss a book, ask for suggestions of…

  • Homeschooling in the Last Days

    8 members Latest Activity: Sep 13, 2013

    This is a group for believing homeschoolers who are seeing the biblical prophesies coming to fruition in the world right now. We will discuss the…

  • Military Moms

    4 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2013

    Mom of military children are a very special group that need support of each other. This is a group were you can share your concerns, your child's…

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