It’s a great idea – take a popular holiday tradition and make it healthier! Kids love advent calendars that help them count down to Christmas and provide them with a sweet treat each day. But this is a problem if you’re dealing with food allergies, trying to cut back on the junk in your child’s diet, or just trying to teach nutrition.

I found the advent calendar in this picture for sale at a local store, and thought what a wonderful idea it is to skip the sugar and unpronounceable chemicals, but still celebrate the occasion. Just opening a new flap each day to see what fun holiday picture is hiding beneath would be enough for most kids to become enamored with the project. After all, each new day is one day closer to Christmas!

Have you ever thought about using your advent calendar for good works? When your children open each tiny door on the calendar, they could get daily suggestions for random acts of kindness, community service, and just plain ole’ good deeds. What a beautiful concept this time of year!

There are at least a billion ways to make an advent calendar educational, whether through preschool games or improving math anxiety.  You can probably think of many more!  So put your thinking cap on, moms, and think of some ways to enjoy an advent calendar without the traditional candy inside. What would be meaningful for your family?

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Comment by Shelly Sangrey on December 15, 2013 at 10:26pm
That's a great idea! I'm always trying to emphasize the importance of serving others. This will be a great project for next year!

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